Game Passes

What is a game pass?

A game pass is a pre-paid package that provides the holder with access to a certain number of golf rounds at Boulder Oaks Golf Club at a reduced price compared to paying for each round individually. It acts as a voucher tailored to cater to regular players, or families, allowing golfers to play more golf while spending less.

By purchasing a game pass, you gain entry to Boulder Oaks Golf Club for a predetermined number of rounds, usable within a specified timeframe. Game passes are designed to meet various needs and preferences, with some options including the ability to share or transfer rounds to others. This not only offers a cost-saving benefit for frequent golfers but also presents a versatile solution for those who wish to share their passion for golf with friends or family.

Choose a game pass

Explore our exclusive game passes, available for a limited time only. Perfect for individuals, families, and groups!

Note: All passes are subject to availability and may have restrictions based on specific tee times or days. Please contact Boulder Oaks Golf Club for more details and to purchase your game pass today!

50 Round Game Pass: $2000 + tax

Enjoy 50 prepaid rounds with the flexibility to share among friends or colleagues. Redeemable on weekdays and transferable for up to 4 players per day.

Valid Days: Monday to Friday

30 Round Game Pass: $1350 + tax

Perfect for groups or families, this pass allows for 30 prepaid rounds redeemable on weekdays. Transferable among up to 4 players per day.

Valid Days: Monday to Friday

10 Round Game Pass: $500 + tax

This pass offers 10 rounds of golf for individual use, perfect for solo golfers looking to enjoy weekdays on the greens.

Valid Days: Monday to Friday (weekdays only)

Note: 10 round pass is NOT transferrable. 

Key Benefits of Boulder Oaks Golf Club
Game Passes

Price Value: These passes are designed to make golfing more affordable, allowing you to enjoy multiple rounds at Boulder Oaks without the high cost.

Convenient and Easy Online Booking: Book your tee times online effortlessly. Our streamlined booking system allows you to schedule your golf days well in advance from any location, securing your preferred times on the course.

Tiered Options: We offer game passes in multiple round increments to suit different levels of golfing frequency and group sizes:

10 Round Pack: Ideal for individuals, offering 10 rounds for personal use during weekdays.

30 Round Pack: Great for smaller groups or frequent players, with the flexibility to transfer rounds among up to 4 players per day.

50 Round Pack: Best value for regular golfers and larger groups, also transferable among up to 4 players per day.

Transferrable: Our 30 and 50 round passes are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to share or transfer rounds to friends, family, or colleagues. This feature makes it easy to enjoy a day on the course with others, enhancing the social aspect of your golf experience. This transferability is particularly beneficial for those who may not golf frequently enough to use all rounds themselves or who enjoy golfing with different groups of people. It also significantly reduces the cost per person, as the rounds are purchased in bulk and can be shared.